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R1.50 / day subscription You must be 12 years or older and have the bill payers permission. Already a member? Login. T's & C's apply. Support 011 507 4630. BibleClub is a Social Network for the Christian community where you can browse the Bible, download daily scriptures and verses and chat to other God fearing Christians. Our members believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and belong to various Christian Churches. So if you are lost, lonely or looking for Christian Dating then BibleClub is the place for you.

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Happy Stories

Thanks very much and keep delivering good service
I would like to thank help desk and the Bibleclub family for being my family in CHRIST AND THE GIFT FROM U AND ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES I'VE RECIEVED
All my Bibleclub buddies that did this wonderful thing for me God bless you. thank you!
Thank u 4 this innovative way 2 share GOD'S word
Thank You So Much!! BibleClub Is Amazing!!

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